Youth Class

LSBA/TBBR Annual Youth Awards

To perpetuate the future of bowhunting, we need to insure that our children and grand children have the opportunity to pursue and enjoy the outdoor sports afield. At the LSBA Executive Council  meeting January 22, 2005, It was proposed and passed, to establish a Youth Class in the LSBA/TBBR Annual Awards program to allow the young bowhunters to compete against their peers.
The criteria for entries into the Youth Class are as follows:
Entrant must hold a current Texas Special Resident / Non-Resident Hunting license at time of harvest.
Entries must be taken under the TBBR Rules of Fair Chase.
Entries must meet or exceed the TBBR entry minimums set for each species under the current  requirements to be eligible for Annual Youth Awards plaque.
A recognized TBBR, P&Y, B&C measurer must officially score entries, and all entries must be accompanied by completed score forms, fair chase affidavit, harvest data form, required pictures, 1 good field photo for publishing on the website, and entry fee of $5.00.
All qualifying entries will be placed in the TBBR book under their normal ranking.


Youth Class Recognition Certificate

A Recognition Certificate will be issued  for Youth Class Harvest of any species of big game, small game , exotics, fish, waterfowl, and turkey not meeting the entry minimums. A special downloadable application form will be available for this entry, and does not require an official measurer. A fee of $2.00 will be assessed to cover postage and materials. For application, click on link below.