Entry Minimums

Do you have a species that was taken with a bow and arrow in the State of Texas that is not presently listed in the TBBR?

As the records system grows, the TBBR will review the entry of a new species and on approval, will establish  new category and score forms. No minimums will apply until substantial data is collected for that species.

Minimum entry scores in all categories are subject to up-grading after review and approval of the LSBA Executive Council. When minimums are raised, a notation will be placed in the records book denoting this change. No entries will ever be dropped from the listings.

Big Game

Bison 50
Cougar 10
Mule Deer 100
Mule Deer – NT 145
Mule Deer Doe 13
Pronghorn Antelope 50
Whitetail Deer 100
Whitetail Deer – NT 135
Whitetail Deer Doe 13
Yellowstone Elk 200


Small Game

Badger 5
Bobcat 6 8/16
Coyote 8 8/16
Gray Fox 6
Javelina 13
Red Fox 6


Alligator 50
Upland Game Birds
Rio Grande Turkey Gobbler 12
Eastern Turkey Gobbler No minimum set yet
Pheasants No minimum set yet
Quail No minimum set yet
Migratory Game Birds
Dove No minimum set yet
Ducks No minimum set yet
Geese No minimum set yet
Addax Antelope 50 Feral Sheep 90
Aoudad Sheep 100 Four Horned Sheep 75
Axis Buck 100 Ibex Goat 80
Blackbuck Antelope 40 Mouflon 90
Black Hawaiian 90 Nilgai Antelope 25
Capybara 10 Nyala Antelope 30
Corsican 90 Ramboullet/Merino 90
Eland Antelope 20 Red Stag Deer 100
Fallow Deer 100 Scimitar Oryx 50
Feral Goat 75 Sika Deer 65
Feral Hog 15 Texas Dall 15
Tush Hog 30
Fish – Fresh & Saltwater
Alligator Gar 50 Mullet 1
Black Drum No Min Set Shad 1
Bowfin 7 Sheepshead 2
Buffalo Fish 25 Shortnose Gar 5
Carp 20 Spadefish 2
Flounder 2 Spotted Gar 1
Gaspergou 8 Stingray 15
Goldfish 2 Sucker (Pleco) 3
Jack Crevalle 2 Tilapia 2
Longnose Gar 20 Tripletail (No longer accepted) 1