Big Buck Contest

Lone Star Bowhunters Association’s

BIG BUCK Contest

The Big Buck Contest is a program that was started in the latter part of 2003. The winning buck will recieve an embroidered jacket with their name and the score of the deer on the front and the Lone Star Bowhunters logo on the back. BigBuckContestJacket

Contest Rules:

  • Entry Fee $25-Cash, Check, Money Order payable to TBBR, or pay with PayPal to
  • Your registration and entry fee must be received two weeks prior to harvesting the animal
  • Buck must be a minimum gross score of 130 Pope & Young (green score) to be eligible for the award
  • The winner will have a choice between the LSBA Big Buck contest jacket, a plaque with your picture of you and your buck (Field Photo, so take a nice one), or a belt buckle
  • Applicant does not have to be a LSBA member to enter the contest
  • Presentation of the award will be made at the Annual LSBA Awards Banquet
  • Bucks must be taken within the boundaries of Texas and must be officially scored by a certified measure of the Texas Big Game Awards, Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett, or TBBR (LSBA)
  • Eligible entries must have a completed and signed official score form with one picture of the harvest, and received by the contest headquarters no later than March 15th, 2014
  • All entries qualifying for the contest must be entered into the Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records (TBBR) (60 day drying period from date of harvest required only if scoring into the top 10) See Entry Requirements
  • All Bucks entered into the contest must have been taken with bow and arrow only, and within the rules of Fair Chase, as described by the Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records (TBBR), of the Lone Star Bowhunters Association. Entries taken with crossbow and or, any bow equipped with any type of draw locking device will not be accepted

Download Big Buck Contest Entry Form