Entry Requirements

The TBBR is open to anyone, resident or non-resident bowhunters that have been successful in Texas. You do not have to be a member of the Lone Star Bowhunters Association to enter a trophy in the records system.
Entries must be taken with a bow and arrow as defined by the TBBR, under the Rules of Fair Chase during legal hunting seasons, as well as in accordance with the controlling hunting regulations.
An animals horns, antlers, or skull must dry , at room temperature and normal atmospheric humidity in an unaltered state, for a period of 60 days after the  date of harvest to be officially measured. If the final score meets or exceeds  the established minimums for that species, the following materials are required to submit an entry into the TBBR.
Fish and Turkeys are scored by weight. (Note: turkeys must be field dressed before weighing.)
1. Scoring forms completed by an  official measurer.
2. Fair Chase Affidavit completed by the hunter.
3. Completed Kill Data Form
4. Three photographs, left, right and front views, of antlers, horns, and skulls. One photo for Fish and Turkeys. A field photo, if available, is beneficial to include.
5. $5.00 filing fee, payable to the TBBR.
6. $5.00 filing fee for Fish only.
When your trophy has been accepted, a frameable awards certificate will be issued. If your entry was taken in the fiscal year,(January 1 – December 31) your trophy will be eligible for the Lone Star Bowhunters Association’s Annual Awards Program.