I would like to welcome our newest scorer to TBBR.

Andy Garcia

Safari Club International (SCI) and Trophy Game Records of the World (TGR)


New Business

Let-off limits for entries have been removed.


Minimum for Non-Typical Whitetail’s has been raised to 135 net.


Minimum for Non-Typical Mule Deer has been raised to 145 net.


Wording “High-Fence” has been changed to “Escape-Proof” on the Fair Chase Affidavit.


Parts of damaged antlers, horns, and skulls may be included in the score of an animal if the piece can proven “without a doubt” to be the missing part of that animal prior to “repair”.


5/15/2004 Because of restrictions put into effect by the Texas Department of Health concerning businesses that deal with any food products, it has become more difficult to locate “certified scales” to weigh wild game (Fish & Turkey) to comply with entry requirements. The TBBR will accept entries weighed on “accurate” hand – held scales. Exception to this ruling would be if the entry is a potential new State Record.


Measurers, be sure the “Yes or NO” box on the Fair Chase Affidavit pertaining to the recovery of the animal is checked. If “No” is the answer, a note or letter explaining the circumstances must accompany the score forms.


7/11/2004 Welcome to the new TBBR “Certified Measurers” as a result of the scoring seminar in Kerrville 7/10/2004.

      Bill Bluemel, Kerrville, Tx

      Stacey Bluemel, Kerrville, Tx

      Von Evans, Kerrville, Tx

      Tim Reed, Ingram, Tx

       Shawn Crook, Texarkana, Tx


7/12/2004 The TBBR will now accept sponsorships. The information or logo will be placed in a high usage area of the website. (i.e. “Current Annual Entries” side bar) For details, contact Ron Collier – TBBR Chairman


8/04/2004 A new page titled ” Measuring Tools” has been added.  Check it out!


8/20/2004 Please welcome our newest “Official P&Y and TBBR” measurer to join the staff. Fred Berg hails from Del Rio, Val Verde County, Texas. I am sure Fred will be a valued asset to the bowhunters of that area, as well as the TBBR/LSBA.


9/05/2004 The TBBR went on-line April 24th, it has passed the 60,000 hit mark, with August being the 2nd best month so far. September is shaping up to be a banner month also. Thanks to those folks that have visited us, and if there are any suggestions for improvements or information that you feel would make this website more useful, please contact me.


12/04/2004 After several inquires about cleaning skulls, a new web page to cover several methods. Hope this helps out.


12/07/2004 The first buck to qualify for a jacket in the 2004 Big Buck Contest was received, so  a link has been created for the visitors to view the trophies.

Open the Big Buck Contest page.

Scroll down the left side-bar to the entrant’s name.

Click on “Camera Icon” under the name.


12/17/2004 Welcome Gerald Sherill of Dripping Springs, TX (Hays County) as the newest member of the TBBR’s team of Official Measurers.


01/24/2005  By request and approval of the LSBA executive council on 01/22/05, we have broken down the category “Feral Sheep” to the following species:


Black Hawaiian


Rambouillet / Merino

Texas Dall

Minimum entry score at this time will remain at 90 0/8. From this day forward, entries will placed in the new designated categories. The “Feral Sheep” records will remain part of the record book as an archived record.


01/27/2005 The new “Youth Class” section is now up and running. Additional questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome. Get them kids in the bushes!


03/01/2005 The deadline for entries eligible for the LSBA/TBBR Annual Awards is March 15.


04/24/05 The TBBR just had its 1 year anniversary today with a total of 287,317 hits. Thanks go out to all the visitors and those that have supported the LSBA and the Texas Bowhunting & Bowfishing Records with their entries into the system.


05/22/2005 The LSBA Executive Council approved the following changes to the TBBR 05/21/2005:

  1. Entry Fee is now $3.00 for all fish meeting entry requirements.
  2. The TBBR and the TBA (Texas Bowfishing Association) has merged their records systems for fish.      The TBBR will now be the sole records keeper , and all entries and entry fee will be received by the TBBR.  Down-loadable entry forms are available at both websites.  LSBA and TBA logos will appear on bowfishing forms and certificates. Both Associations feel that this merging will be a plus for bowfishing in Texas while maintaining the separate infer-structure of each organization.


11/28/2005 A up-dated list of measurers to reflect the new measurers has been completed, P&Y and B & C, added to the team. These listings are done by county to help you find one in your area.


01/21/2006 Two new entry categories have been approved by the LSBA Executive Council and placed in the system. “Capybara” and “Tush Hog” can be found listed under EXOTICS.


2008  Migratory and Upland Game Birds to include Ducks, Geese, Dove, Quail and Pheasants were voted on by the Executive Council added to the categories.


02/2011  The minimum number of acres (640) for escape proof fence was taken out of the Rules of Fair Chase.  There is no minimum acres of escape proof fence as long as the hunt is Fair Chase and the animal is not killed inside a pen.


02/2011  Eastern Wild Turkey Gobbler was added to the categories.


02/2011  The drying period of 60 days is no longer required for animals to be entered unless they are going to qualify for the top ten in their category.


06/2011  Bobby Kana appointed new Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Chairman