Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. When does my entry have to be in to qualify for the Annual Awards?

A. To qualify for the Annual Awards for the year, your entry must be submitted (postmarked) by April 1st of the following year.


 Q. Who can score my trophy?
 A. Any Certified LSBA, Pope & Young, or Boone & Crockett Measurer.


Q. How soon can my trophy be scored?
A. All antlers, horns, and skulls require a 60 day drying period from the date of kill to qualify for the Top Ten.  All others can be scored immediately. (Fish & Turkeys should be weighed ASAP on certified scales.)


Q. My animal was scored and qualified for P&Y or B&C. Do I need to fill out separate forms for the TBBR?
A. No, make copies of all completed P&Y or B&C forms, along with required pictures and entry fee and send to the TBBR.


Q. Do I have to be a member of LSBA to enter an animal in the TBBR?
A. No, as long as the trophy meets the TBBR entry requirements.


Q. I harvested an animal in another State, can I enter in the TBBR?
A. No, only game taken within the state boundaries of Texas are eligible for entry into the TBBR.


Q. I have an animal that was harvested several years ago, but was never scored. Can I still enter it in the TBBR?
A. Yes, but it will not be eligible for any annual awards.


Q. The skull plate on my antlers broke; can it still be scored for TBBR?
A. No, all antlers, horns, and skulls with the exception of Pronghorn Antelope ( No spread credit needed) must be intact.


Q. My animal was scored by a certified measurer, but I don’t think it was scored correctly. Can I have it rescored by another measurer?
A. No, but you may make an appeal in writing to the TBBR Chairman, who will evaluate and if warranted, will reschedule and be present for rescoring with the original measurer. If the results are reasonably close, the first score will stand. (This is a deterrent to “score shopping”).


Q. I am a non-resident and on a recent trip to Texas I harvested an animal that will qualify for the TBBR. Can I enter it?
A. Yes, download a copy of the necessary forms and have a P&Y or B&C measurer from your area score it.


Q. I harvested an animal with a crossbow, is it eligible for entry into the TBBR?
A. No, only trophies taken with longbow, recurve, or compound bows will be accepted.


Q. What does it cost to enter a trophy into the records system?
A. The entry fee for all species is $5.00, payable to the TBBR.