Welcome to Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records

The Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records (TBBR) were established in 1975 by the Lone Star Bowhunting Association for the purpose of collecting and recording the data of various species of mammals, fish, and fowl, taken by legal and ethical standards within the State of Texas with bow and arrow.

The first TBBR Records Book was published in 1979 with a total of 166 entries collected by 22 official measurers. At the closing of the year 2003, the TBBR has recorded over 8000 entries, with 100 plus qualified measurers available statewide.

Since the inception of the Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records System, statistical data has been a key element in the promotion of sound wildlife management, preservation of a special archery season, and will serve as a vital instrument in the documentation of hunting history in the State of Texas.

There are a variety of valid reasons hunters choose or decline to enter trophies into record systems, which will remain a preserved document long after we have passed. This gives the person the opportunity to leave their “legacy” as a bowhunter for generations to come. Will you be a part of history?

This website is dedicated to Ed Foreman and Ty Brumfield, who were taken from us by the Good Lord while bowfishing on an East Texas Lake. Ed was the LSBA/TBBR Records Chairman for many years, and set the benchmark of standards for future records chairmen. Ty owned and operated a fine archery shop in Sulpher Springs. His unselfish efforts as an official TBBR and P&Y measurer of encouraging bowhunters in his area to enter thier trophys into the TBBR  record book will go unmatched. We lost two good friends that night, but Texas bowhunting lost two of it’s finest.

All entries must be submitted or postmarked by May 1st of the following year to be eligible for the Annual Awards.